The Urban Jungle

Kramer Engineers’ Urban Jungle is in full bloom for the 5th year in a row.  Ralph J Kramer (RJK) began the tradition of contributing to Columbus’ urban ecology in 2012.  He started with 3 tomato plants and a sunflower.  “I thought it would make for something different.  Everybody plants flowers and bushes”, remarked Ralph Kramer owner and senior engineer of Kramer Engineers.

The Sunflowers are Back

Urban Jungle

Urban Jungle at 394 Oak

Today, the little patch of earth along the front of the KE building at 394 Oak Street is home to several varietals of tomatoes and squash.  And the number of sunflowers has also expanded. “I planted almost a dozen sunflowers this year because we found that we attract finches of all kinds.”

Not only do the urban jungle flowers offer a bounty of fare for feasting fauna, but the produce provides a surprise bonus for clients.  “I can pick up my drawings and lunchables too”, laughed a visiting architect while harvesting a handful of plum tomatoes to take back to his office.

Whats the Plan for Next Year?

RJK is already planning next years’ crop mix.  But don’t bother asking what it will be; he’s keeping the info under wraps.