ERIC CAMPBELL | Employee Spotlight: January 2018

Eric Campbell and 40% of Kramer Engineers (KE) employees have this in common:

  1. They work at Kramer Engineers
  2. They have never watched an episode of Americas Next Top Model
  3. They were born in January
  4. All of the above

So if you picked 4, you are correct.  And since this is January, it is only befitting to spotlight one of the KE birthday boys.  This month’s team spotlight is on Eric Campbell, who is a design and drafting professional with Kramer Engineers (KE).

The finishing Touch on over 70% of Projects

Eric Campbell

Eric graduated with a degree in Design Technology and used that passion to move into the field of engineering. Therefore, since joining the firm in 2013, Eric has put the finishing touches on 70% of the projects that KE has engineered.

That means that for the past 5 years Eric has translated markups and finalized drawings on many of KEs project.  They include the Chillicothe Correctional Bathroom Shower Renovation.  The Avenue; a new 300-unit apartment complex in Clintonville.  And alongside Brett Kramer, Eric forged the MEP systems for over 80 Jimmy Johns restaurants across the US.


So, to provide balance to his regimented days, Eric Campbell practices the Baguazhang Arts. Baguazhang is a branch of Chinese martial arts that incorporates whole body movements to harness internal and external energies.  Eric, has been involved in Baguazhang since 2014.  He says that because it helps center him, the practice helps provide him the focus to do his his job.

Eric is one of the members of Kramer Engineers’ team of professionals who consistently turn out their best work. Because their goal is to develop lasting client partnerships, they make sure to get it right the first time. And it is because of that mindset, that the team can solve even the most complex project challenges; and provide well thought out and cost-effective solutions.