Food and Wine Magazine

Food and Wine Magazine kicked of 2019 with an issue that spotlighted 32 PLACES TO GO (AND EAT) IN 2019Guess who made #10 on the list, sharing the same company with such foodie mecca giants as LA and Chicago? Yup, it was Columbus, Ohio.  Not that it was a surprise to those of us who live here, but the secret was out!

Columbus Restaurants Hit the NY Times

However, just when we thought we still had a chance to contain the situation, last week The New York Times blew the lid off the pot with an article titled AN AWAKENING IN COLUMBUS, A RECKONING IN WILLIAMSBURGIn the piece, columnist SEBASTIAN MODAK wrote that he “had more people send direct messages (to him) about Columbus — things to do, favorite restaurants, offers to act as tour guides — than any other place so far.” “…one of the fastest growing cities in the United States.” And you thought you had a hard time finding a seat during happy hour before!

Our Guilty Pleasure

Deep down though, we took a bit of selfish pride.  Because, over the years KE has had a small hand in the design of many of the same restaurants that have put Columbus on the National culinary stage.  And although you may not know it, you’ve seen our work. 

Condado Columbus, Ohio

Back in January for instance, when it was 10 degrees outside and you walked into the Sycamore Restaurant in German Village; you felt a warm wash of air that melted your frozen bones; that was our doing.  We engineered the mechanical and electrical systems that make the building function.  The Sycamore was just one of several restaurants that Columbus restaurateurs have entrusted Kramer Engineers to design, including such epicurean gems as Strongwater in Franklinton, Condado (Easton, Clintonville), Wolfs Ridge Brewing Company Downtown and The Rossi in the Short North.