SCOTT MCKNIGHT | Employee Spotlight: October 2018

Which of the following are true about Scott McKnight:

  1. Works at Kramer Engineers
  2. Dated a movie actress AND Penthouse model
  3. Graduated OSU for Architecture
  4. All of the above
Scott McKnight

Scott McKnight

October 1st is World Architecture Day.  October is also the 4-year anniversary of this month’s spotlighted team member, Scott McKnight.   Scott graduated with a degree in Architecture from The Ohio State University.  He joined Kramer Engineers in 2014 after 15+ years in architecture, where he designed over 400 projects.

Scott provides a rare blend of architectural and mechanical design skill; bridging the gap between form and function.  Because he is able to map out a mechanical and plumbing system network, he can work out the space without disturbing the buildings’ aesthetics.

So what does a master of yin and yang do when he pushes away from the drafting table?  Well, that depends on the day.  Because between 4 children and a grandson, just keeping up with soccer, volleyball, baseball, lacrosse, band practice (and the list goes on…) requires a PHD in logistics.

Scott is one of the members of Kramer Engineers’ talent pool.  Our firm is built around a team of professionals who consistently turn out their best work. Because their goal is to develop lasting client partnerships, they make sure to get it right the first time. And it is because of that mindset, that the team can solve even the most complex project challenges; and provide well thought out and cost-effective solutions.