Rebuilding of the First Presbyterian Church


First Presbyterian Church prior to June 29, 2012

First Presbyterian Church was Struck by Lightening

The church after the tornado

Design is underway for the rebuilding of the First Presbyterian Church, in Cambridge Ohio.  The church has been a beacon of hope for parishioners since 1809.  But on June 29, 2012, that beacon was struck down by a tornado.  The storm leveled the sanctuary and left both the building and its congregation devastated. However, the rebuilding process has started. The debris is cleared, the building is secured, and the site is finally prepped for construction.

The Church Rebuilding Team

So now the new design begins.  And the team of DLH Design and Kramer Engineers have joined forces to provide a new vision for the church.  David Haught, Principal Architect of DLH is leading the architectural design.  And Ralph Kramer, Principal Engineer of Kramer Engineers will design the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and life safety systems.  Although the building function will stay the same, the goal is to create a new experience.

Opportunity to Expand

The rebuilding of the First Presbyterian Church offered Pastor Keith Leach the opportunity to make some changes.  Although the Pastor was a new addition to the church when the tragedy struck, he still had the chance to witness how the original space worked.  Therefore, Pastor Leach was able to steer the team to design a better functioning space for a growing church.