PHIL GRIFFITH | Employee Spotlight: JUNE 2018

The choice for our company spotlight this month was a hard one because we had lots of options.  We have multiple people with June birthdays, so we could have gone in that direction.  Or since Father’s Day is a week away, we could have picked a family man.  But after some more thought, we decided to blend the two; and that brought us to this month’s honoree.

Early Career

Phil Griffith

Phil Griffith

Phil Griffith is a 25 year veteran of engineering.  “Why engineering?” I asked. “My dad,” Phil replied simply.  Daniel “Allen” Griffith was a fabrication engineer, and the foundation on which Phil began building his own engineering career. So, he started working alongside his father directly out of college; Phil was an assistant plant engineer for New Boston Coke.  New Boston specialized in metallurgical coke, which was used in making iron for the steel industry.

But Phil decided to try another avenue. So 4 years later , he left NBC and joined Wiley and Wilson, in Lynchburg, VA. There, he branched out into commercial mechanical and electrical engineering.

Phil Griffith Today

In 2011 Phil came to Kramer Engineers.  Today, Phil Griffith heads the KE Healthcare Division; designing medical facility systems spanning general building HVAC, plumbing and electrical networks. He specializes in system design for operating rooms, clean rooms and other critical environments.  That’s why he he is a multi-project partner for medical facilities such as Holzer Health, O’Bleness, Marietta Memorial, Mount Carmel, Lima Memorial, Selby General and OSU Wexner Medical Center. His clean rooms are also found at OSU, OU, Columbus State, Ohio AG Labs and RXQ Compound Labs.

Hobby Farmer

But if you ask Phil what he sees himself doing someday when he hangs up his hardhat, he would say “hobby farming”.  Even now, you can find him baling hay or running his farming at his southern Ohio homestead; right alongside Dianna, his wife of 20 years.  Outside of engineering, the soil, his 4 legged farm family and Dianna are his passion.  Oh, but there is one more thing.  Happy Birthday Phil!