Security is continuously evolving.  That is why today’s facility safety planning is not limited to cameras and advanced locking mechanisms. Because the world of security extends far beyond the front door.  So a comprehensive plan needs to integrate both electronic and physical measures. 

Physical Measures, Not Just for Decoration

Planters & Barriers; Decorative & Functional

A large courtyard and wide green space in and around a building for instance, serve a greater purpose than simple aesthetics.  Why? Because over-sized concrete planters that edge the perimeter of a public facility provide a critical barrier.   The horror of the Oklahoma City bombing is one example of how a vehicle, too close to a targeted facility, can become a deadly weapon.  So designing wide impenetrable margins around a public building is just one aspect of an overall security plan to help prevent a similar incident.

We Know Security

For the past 65 years, 3 generations of Kramer Engineers have engineered security solutions for public and private Clients throughout Ohio.  Along that path we have found that some project partners stand out as leaders in the field.  In the world of security and risk control design, Abbot Studios is an architectural firm that can not only create inspirational designs, but design inspired security solutions.

Although Kramer Engineers and Abbot Studios boast impressive security resumes independently; collectively, the teams’ designs create a nexus of form and function.  KE and Abbot Studios have a long history of collaboration on a broad spectrum of projects from remodels to new building construction for Clients that rely on the teams’ experience to design and engineer cutting edge surveillance and facility protection: