MATHIAS THOMPSON | Employee Spotlight: July 2018

Summer is a time for heatwaves, barbecues and vacations.  But not for our featured Employee.  Mathias Thompson, engineering intern with Kramer Engineers, has given up summer fun for the past two years to hone his engineering skill set.

About Mathias Thompson

Mathias Thompson

Mathias Thompson

Currently a junior at The Ohio State University, Mathias Thompson is majoring in mechanical engineering.  Since 2017, he has dedicated his time to providing CAD drafting support for the firm.  His design contributions have helped put the finishing touches on construction documents for 43 projects to date; ranging from retail and restaurant systems, to large scale commercial designs.

Hiking, Exercising and Gaming

So, what are Mathias Thompson’s passions outside of engineering?  They are hiking, exercising and video gaming, in that order.  His current gaming fav is “Fortnite” where he’s quickly leveling up the leaderboard.  But surviving the video terrain just doesn’t match up to the real thing.

If you ask Mathias what his most extreme hike adventure was, he’s tell you it was hiking the Sangre de Cristo Mountains at Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico.  Talk rugged, hiking that back-country you see it all, wild horses, cattle, even bison, “I recommend staying away from the bison”.