Looking back on 2022, I realized another year has gone by where I’ve written pieces on engineering projects, but very little about our team.  So, I thought it was time to change that and shine a light on some personal bright spots in 2022.


Anthony Osborne

To start things off, Kramer Engineers would like to welcome Anthony Osborne.  Anthony is originally from Newark, Ohio where he earned his engineering degree from the University of Dayton.  After college, he kicked off his career with Korda Nemeth and later shifted gears to Air Control Products where he honed his HVAC product knowledge.  Today he is part of KE’s mechanical engineering team.  But when Anthony isn’t solving HVAC design challenges, you’ll find him kicking back with a good book, mainly novels. He also likes to fish, travel, and Anthony’s a big art enthusiast and concert goer.

Vincent Davy

Vincent Davy is our new CAD operator and designer from southern Ohio.  Before joining our team, he worked for mid-Atlantic storage systems, building large water storage tanks. But his passion was always engineering.  So, he joined KE to work on the planning  side of construction.  However, on his off hours you can still find Vincent working on carpentry and small construction projects around the house.  But it’s not all work and no play for Vincent, he also enjoys movies, video games, off road ATV and sports. As a matter of fact, back when Vincent was in school he played varsity basketball and during a critical game he made a full court “buzzer beater” shot with a split second left on the clock.  The crowd went wild and stormed the court and carried him off hero style.   

Joshua Funk

Josh Funk is  an OSU alum with a degree in civil engineering.  After graduation he kicked off his career with a notable Columbus firm.   And over the years he’s engineered such projects as the COTA facility renovation at 1600 McKinley Avenue and the Marion Correctional Institution power generation building.  However, earlier this year, Josh Funk decided to make Kramer Engineers his new professional home, and became the latest addition to the Kramer Engineers civil engineering department.


Irene O’Gorman

Back in September my husband received a transfer offer he couldn’t refuse.  So, during the next 3 weeks we sold our house, packed up the truck and moved to the heart of the Midwest.  But that didn’t mean the end of my Kramer Engineers journey.  Since we live in a digital age where all you need is a good internet connection and computer, KE and I were able to hammer out a plan to make it work.  So today,  I continue to manage the nuts and bolts of the business, just a few states away.

Ralph Kramer

Kramer Engineers owner and principal engineer, Ralph Kramer, loves motorcycles.  So much so, that he’s ridden cross country several times in recent years.  However, this year Ralph decided to take his passion to the next level.  He took off for South America where he chartered a 3-week motorcycle expedition through the wilds of Chile and Argentina. He and 15 other travelers from across the globe, shared a unique tour of the roads less traveled.  You’ll be able to read a full account of his journey in next month’s Kramer News.