Looking back at 2020 I realized that although the COVID-19 elephant took up quite a bit of space in the room; he didn’t overshadow everything.  The KE team still managed to squeeze in some great personal life events. 

Scott McKnight, Engaged

Scott McKnight is a divorced bachelor.  Although he still believed in the sanctity of marriage, Scott maintained a safe distance from the alter for many years.  But in 2014 he met Diane who eventually cured him of that phobia.  And in 2020, after regular reminders and not so subtle hints of the lack of jewelry on her left hand; he proposed. Scott will be officially off the market on 10/16/2021, sorry ladies.  

Matt Dicken, Renovations Gone Wild

Spending more time at home than usual during lockdown, Matt started picking the scabs off some long-awaited projects.   Since the weather was good, he and his wife Emily were dying to spend more time outside.  So, their first order of business was to rebuild and expand their dilapidated back deck.  But no sooner did they get the last coat of stain on the deck when they dove into their bathroom renovation.  And the bathroom reno was no easy task since it involved their ONLY bathroom. So, they had to do some serious juggling to keep it functional during the remodel, but they made it work. 

Daniel Staudt, Welcome to the Neighborhood

Dan and his wife Anna were long time renters; but they had enough.   Regardless of the apartment complex, the couple found it frustrating waiting for subpar landlord fixes on outdated equipment.  So, they bought a home, packed up the truck and moved out east.  Dan laughed when he said they traded one set of repairs for another.  Right off the bat their furnace ignition control died; and they had to replace the dishwasher. But Dan went on to say that he’s “a handy guy with plenty of tools” so he’s armed for any DIY project to come.

Bryan Dille, Happy and Healthy

Since running our piece back in 2018 on Bryan Dille’s 2-year-old son Colton, who lives with Cystic Fibrosis. Bryan and his wife Kristin welcomed a second son into their lives, Jase.  And like his big brother, Jase also lives with Cystic Fibrosis.  Although juggling two little ones is always a challenge, managing the disease often means regular trips to Nationwide Children’s Hospital.  But not in 2020.  The couple is extremely grateful that both boys remained healthy.  Neither had to be admitted to the hospital.  “All is well” Bryan said happily “except for the cold that has swept through the house”.

Irene O’Gorman, Grandbaby Squared

Irene O’Gorman and her husband Bill became grandparents for the 6th & 7th time.  Yup, twins. The babies were born in early February before anyone knew the world would shut down.  So, they had the rare chance to drive out to New York and meet Evan and Victoria, only 2 weeks before the global pandemic was to take shape.

When We’re Looking back at 2020

Someday when we’re looking back at 2020, yes, we will remember the events that will be chronicled in the history books. But it will be the personal moments that will stand out above it all.