IRENE O’GORMAN | Employee Spotlight: May 2018

Which of the following is true about Irene O’Gorman:

  1. Won the jackpot playing slots in Las Vegas
  2. Auditioned for a host spot on the Home Shopping Network
  3. Got first place in a hula dancing competition in Hawaii
  4. Business Administrator at Kramer Engineers (KE)
  5. All of the above

If you took a stab and guessed “E”, you are correct.  So, with Mother’s Day ahead, Kramer Engineers though it was only fitting to spotlight our experientially dynamic administrator and KE matriarch.

Irene O’Gorman, prior business owner and process engineer, celebrated her 4-year anniversary with KE earlier this year as business administrator for the firm.  Irene’s diversified role has her not only managing the financial health of the company, but spearheading marketing initiatives, as well.  The result? A marked economic growth during her time with the company.

Irene O'Gorman

Irene O’Gorman and Husband Bill

So, what does a woman who splits her week between left and right brain work do on her off time?  Nothing.  “I am not the type of person that needs to stay busy. I don’t look to dive into remodeling projects or have interest in rock climbing,” says Irene without apology.  “I love to relax and read.  But, my favorite thing to do on the weekend, is exploring great food and wine with my husband; the goal is to win the lottery so we can take our wining and dining aspirations global”.