When I say Labor Day, what comes to mind? Long weekends and cookouts?  Well, that’s not the case for many, because healthcare professionals typically see it as just another work weekend. So, although we solute all the spouses and significant others who support our Kramer team; this month we wanted to shine a special spotlight on the Kramer Engineers healthcare spouses.


Megan Kramer

Megan Kramer is an RN who began her career as float pool nurse at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.  There, she shifted between units, providing care where it was most needed on any given day.  

Today Megan juggles both motherhood and her nursing career.  So, when she’s not home tending to their daughter Madi, she is tending to her pre- and post-op patients at OSU’s Eye and Ear Outpatient Surgery Center.  She plays a host of critical roles as she readies a patient for surgery.  Afterwards she is there to monitor the patient, address any complications and provide instruction and discharge orders as the patient transitions home.


Anna Staudt

Anna Staudt, PharmD, BCMTMS, BC-ADM is the lead clinical pharmacist at Heart of Ohio Family Health.  Heart of Ohio is a federally qualified clinic that offers medical and pharmacy services to all people including uninsured and underinsured individuals.

Anna works with physicians and nurse practitioners to help manage chronic diseases such as COPD, diabetes, and high blood pressure. But she also provides patients with lab work, prescription review, treatment education and medication adjustments to help meet their health goals.



DIANNA GRIFFITH, RN, BSN began her career as an orthopedic & medical-surgical unit nurse at Southern Ohio Medical Center in Portsmouth, Ohio. She was a health care professional who provided nursing care for a wide spectrum of medical procedures.

Today, Dianna is with TeamHealth, a physician and medical service outsource practice where she provides skilled nursing to County Jails in Jackson, Ross, and the Juvenile detention facility in Chillicothe.

However, when Dianna is not tending to patients, she is following the path of her second love, teaching.  As an adjunct professor at the University of Rio Grande, Dianna is a healthcare instructor for the Holzer School of Nursing & Allied Health.


Diane Tarr

Diane has worked as a surgical technician in the Mount Carmel Healthcare system for over 33 years. She assists in operating room procedures ranging from minor joint replacement to open heart and neurological surgeries.

However, recently, Mount Carmel East became a “Level II” trauma center.  It provides life-saving care for victims of auto accidents, farm accidents and gunshot wounds.  So, as an on-call trauma team member, Diane must be able to get to the hospital, get scrubbed, and be ready to operate within 30 minutes of an emergency notification.

Diane is also a dedicated proponent of practical and procedural advances in healthcare.  She is the lead advocate on a surgical committee devoted to patient care and safety; championing innovations in sterilization, staffing and facility readiness.