We live in a time when many employee/employer relationships are measured in months rather than years.  Longevity at a company is fast becoming a thing of the past.  So, I think it speaks volumes when a firm can say that almost half its team members have broken that mold by 10+ years.   And to say thank you, we want to shine an employee spotlight on a few of their stories.


I’m Irene O’Gorman, business administrator for the firm.  I started with Kramer Engineers back in 2014; and I have Ralph Kramer to thank.  Although I ran my own business in another life before moving to Ohio, I had never run the business side of an engineering firm.  But Ralph took a chance on me.

I remember our interview discussions.  Ralph made it clear that there were nuances to running an engineering firm that were unique to the industry; and it would be a while before I would probably catch on.   But I jumped in, dismissing the warning.  And despite my inflated self-confidence I quickly realized he was right.  Kramer Engineers designs and manages a large portfolio of City, County and State projects.  And those projects have a mountain of procedural and regulatory requirements to navigate; it was foreign to me.  I slogged through the processes for several months before it all started to click.

Fast forward to 2024.  I’m still at it and still love the diversified role; managing the financial health of the company, running contract compliance and spearheading marketing initiatives.  Every day is a new and exciting challenge.


Dan Staudt, a graduate of Cedarville University, is a mechanical engineer with KE.   We were lucky to snag him early in his career.  Although we were not his first stop after graduation, we managed to win the bid and get him over to our team back in 2013.

Since that time Dan has experienced many firsts with our company. 

  • Married Anna, a clinical pharmacist, in 2016
  • Bought his first home in 2019
  • Became a new dad to Elliott Staudt in 2022

And along the way Daniel Staudt somehow found time to design and manage some of Kramer Engineers’ most notable projects.  I asked Dan if he had a favorite project?   To that he replied that although he didn’t have a single favorite, the jobs that had “…unique situations that needed out of the box engineering design” were the ones that truly wound his clock. 

As an example, he was brought in the day after a catastrophic failure of a domestic water hydro-pneumatic tank.  It blew out its manhole cover and took out 2 walls and a partition.  Thankfully the building was unoccupied at the time.  A lot of emergency maneuvering was done to get it (the tank) inspected and R-stamp repaired to get the building up and running again before full replacement of the system could be done later that year.


Phil Griffith is a 30-year veteran of engineering.  Directly out of college, Phil started working alongside his father, Daniel “Allen” Griffith, a fabrication engineer at New Boston Coke (NBC).  Phil was an assistant plant engineer for NBC specializing in metallurgical coke used in iron making for the steel industry.  Eventually, Phil decided to try another avenue.  So, in 2011 Phil came to Kramer Engineers to join our mechanical engineering team. 

Today, Phil Griffith heads the KE Healthcare Division; engineering medical facility systems spanning general building HVAC, plumbing and electrical networks. He specializes in system design for operating rooms, clean rooms, and other critical environments.

When I asked Phil if he had a favorite project, he said it had to be the cooling tower replacement at Holzer Medical Center last year.  Although the design itself was straightforward, what made this project stand out was the precision needed for installation. 

As the designer and project manager, Phil needed to devise a plan to keep the 350,000 SF area of the hospital cooled during equipment demo and replacement.  It required not only implementation of a temporary chilling system, but forensic scheduling to make it happen.  The install was kept to a single block of overnight hours to make sure there was no disruption to the facility.


Brett Kramer is a 3rd generation engineer, principal, and lead project manager for the firm.  He began his career back in 2005; drafting systems across dozens of projects.  But Brett didn’t take on the role of full-time design engineer until a few years later after graduating from OSU with a degree in mechanical engineering.

Since then, Brett Kramer has rocketed to top rainmaker status with the firm.  Why?  Because of his approach to pairing the right systems with the specific needs of a facility.  Then engineering clear, buildable designs, insuring they translate correctly in the field.  It’s that attention to detail that has made him the go-to engineer for public and private sector clients.  He’s also become the preferred multi-project partner for architects & construction giants throughout Ohio and across the US.

And along the journey Brett has also managed to build his personal book of accomplishments:

  • Married Megan, a nursing professional with the OSU Wexner Medical Center, in 2018
  • Became a new dad to Madi Kramer in 2019
  • Became dad to Jackson Kramer in 2022