Kramer Engineers’ specialty lighting design for the Cultural Arts Center helped shine light on THE HIVE exhibition.  

A Visual Arts Gallery and Teaching Space

Cultural Arts Center is a 38,000 SF visual arts gallery and teaching space built back in the 1800s.  Although the building had been reinvented and renovated many times since then, the lighting was old and need revamping.

Over 300 New Fixtures

So, we replaced 300 pf the old incandescent fixtures with energy efficient LEDs and fluorescents.  After running side by side modeling, Kramer Engineers showed a 58% energy savings with the new lighting package.  That meant a potential savings of over $14,000 a year.

Cultural Arts Center Getting Ready for the Big Event

The project had a hard deadline for completion.  Mayor Coleman and city personnel were attending an event at the center on 4/15.  So, all the work had to be completed and spaces exhibition ready.  Although the lead time on several fixtures was 6 to 8 weeks out, we made it work. While we waited on the fixtures miscellaneous work was done; installing switches, plates, wiring, and new conduit.  We maintained the schedule, using nights and early morning hours and finished the Cultural Arts Center light work ahead of schedule.