Kramer Engineers recently finished a project where we used cutting edge systems for the design of a new wave of cattle barn.  KE and Twin Oaks Refrigeration partnered to create a custom “cold temperature” animal facility to house championship show cattle.  Because this type of design is a growing trend.

Temperature Control is a Growing Trend

Cattle Barn

Cattle Barn

The goal was to create a 30’ x 30’ barn with 9′ ceilings; which could be kept at a constant 38° F temperature.  So a custom DX system was engineered.  It used a “winter economizer control” to help maintain the barns’ 38° F year round. Keeping steady temperature is important.  Because it promotes a thicker healthy coat on the animal, which was one of the criteria judges look for in show cattle.

Designing HVAC to Manage the Cattle Barn

Kramer Engineers did an initial load study and ventilation analysis to get a base for the right design. Our results showed the potential for higher levels of ammonia, which is not surprising.  But that made picking the right equipment and engineering  a custom ventilation system critical. This application appears to be a growing trend in the show cattle industry for high end, top performance breeding.