BRETT KRAMER | Employee Spotlight: AUGUST 2018

If you had to guess, which of the following is true about Brett Kramer:

  1. His bachelor membership card is being revoked
  2. He is certified in advanced scuba diving
  3. He has formulated his own private craft beer under the Engineering Fail Ale label
  4. All of the above
Brett Kramer

Brett & Megan Kramer

Although, unfortunately we gave away part of the answer with his picture; not surprisingly, the correct answer is “d” all of the above. Therefore, even though we had a number of directions we could have gone with this month’s employee feature; we thought that with the new chapter being written in Brett’s life, it was only fitting to commemorate both Brett’s spousal acquisition, as well as his professional accomplishments for this month’s KE Spotlight.

Who is Brett Kramer

Brett Kramer, PE, is a graduate of The Ohio State University and a 3rd generation Kramer Engineer.  Due to his organic approach to mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems evaluation, design and project management, Brett has become the preferred multi-project partner for architects & construction giants throughout Ohio and across the US.

In the past 7 years, Brett Kramer has rocketed to top rainmaker status with the firm.  Why?  Because of his approach to pairing the right systems with the specific needs of a facility.  Then engineering clear, buildable designs, insuring they translate correctly in the field.

Takes Playing to the Extreme

But working is not the only thing Brett takes seriously.  He also likes to take playing to the extreme.  Where others may consider a trip to Mexico or the Bahamas an “out of the Country” vacation; Brett Kramer’s passport is plastered with much more exotic tattoos.  Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, New Zealand, Australia and this month he will be adding new ink to the mix. He and his bride Megan are taking to the beaches and casinos of Aruba for their honeymoon getaway.