It’s been an exciting month at Kramer Engineers.  Over the past few weeks, we’ve gained 3 new additions to the KE family. 


Josh Funk

First, we’d like to welcome Joshua Funk to our team.  Josh is  an OSU alum with a degree in civil engineering.  After graduation he kicked off his career with a notable Columbus firm.   And over the years he’s engineered such projects as the COTA facility renovation at 1600 McKinley Avenue and the Marion Correctional Institution power generation building.  However recently, Josh decided to make KE his new professional home.  So, this month Joshua Funk, EI, LEED GA, became the latest addition to the Kramer Engineers civil department. 

But engineering is only one facet of Josh.  When I asked him what he likes to do for fun, the list I got was long:

  • cycling
  • mountain biking
  • hiking/backpacking
  • skiing
  • sometimes golf
  • OSU football
  • movies, music, concerts
  • and  when he’s not playing, he’s working around the house on some improvement project on weekends

So, you can imagine my surprise when he shared that he was also getting married this year.  How does he find the time?  But his fiancé Cristine made it to the top of Josh’s priority list.  And come September, she’ll become Josh’s wife and mom to his 2 fur babies.


Back in February of this year I wrote about the male side of the Kramer tree.  Now 3 months later there’s a new sprout.  On May 7th, 2022, Brett Kramer and his wife Megan welcomed their new son Jackson.  And over the past 3 weeks Brett, Megan and big sister Madi have taken turns introducing Jackson to his new clan.


Now, the newest member of the extended Kramer family finally arrived.  On June 1, 2022, after 20-hours of labor, Elliot Staudt was born to Dan and Anna.  Daniel Staudt, PE has been an engineer and KE team member for almost a decade. But 24 hours ago, Dan was promoted into fatherhood, and will be taking the next couple of weeks to settle into the new role.